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 1.Not Understanding your coverages– Have you ever been an auto accident not knowing what to do next, not sure on what was covered or had something not covered under your insurance and having this dreadful feeling of panic and worry. You are not alone, Most Insurance Companies do not explain all the coverages provided, the limits covered and what to do in case of an accident.

Here at Unity Path Insurance, we educate you on the different coverages avaliable, how they work, what limits are provided and together help you make a decision on what best suites your needs, also with our flexible policies you are able to make changes as you see fit any time you like. We also have a step by step process on what to do in case of an accident. So in the event you are in an auto accident you will have the peace of mind knowing what would be covered and what to do next.

2. Not getting all the discounts avaliable- Did you know you can get discounts for being a good student, a good driver, having multiply cars, having a degree, and owning a home. These are just a few of the many ways you can save on your auto insurance rates and most insurance companies dont even mention it .

Here at Unity Path Insurance, our #1 goal is to insure you get the lowest cost auto insurance rates possible. We go through each discount individually and apply all the discounts you qualify for to insure you get the most savings.

3. Not shopping your rates, every year- Did you know rates flacuate like interest every month and rate revisions take place all year long making one companies rates lower then another and most Insurance companies cannot shop your rates because they are exclusive to one company.

Here at Unity Path Insurance we shop all Ca admitted companies finding you the lowest rates possible and we shop your rates every year to insure you get the lowest prices available and save you time by doing all the work for you.

4. Not getting payment options and terms of a policy – Did you know that by changing the term of a policy from 6mnths to 1 year can save you up to $20.00 a month or by offering you a different payment option you can pay more up front and spread out the rest of the payments which could get your payments lower. Most insurance companies have one term and one payment option available making the payments higher for you.

Here at Unity Path Insurance, we offer different terms, and payment options, allowing you to pick and choose what will fit within your budget or life situation. Saving you money and flexiability.

5. Not having your policy underwritten at the time of purchase.– Have you ever purchased Auto Insurance only to get a higher bill in the mail or a letter explaining you need to pay an additonal fee? Have you ever had an acccident to find out it wasnt covered. Did you know that some insurance companies do not anwer all underwriting questions and or meet underwriting approval before you purchase the policy.

Here at Unity Path Insurance we fully underwrite all of our insurance policies before they are issued and make sure all the questions are properly answered so you dont have to worry about getting a higher payment in the mail, additonal fees or having your claim rejected.


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